In the world of drastically changing technology in pursuit of higher efficiency keeping pace with the changes is foremost priority for System Integration Service providers.  The demands are challenging and expectations are high in one of the fastest growing industries of Data Center infrastructure development.  Keeping the above in focus, Cross-Connect Technologies is forging ahead to work with the leading Companies in the Middle East to be among the top service providers in this industry.

Cross-Connect Technologies has been operating in the Middle East & dealing in Structured Cabling and Data Center products. The following diversification into other related trade activities, Cross-Connect Technologies became a separate independent Company in 2016 expanding into newer activities in the field of IT Infrastructure facilities and Commercial Office Spaces.

Meeting the Project requirement technically and commercially is foremost priority of Cross-Connect Technologies. Having said that we work with industry leading manufacturers in close liaison with the Customer.

Keeping in view the end user’s Providing high-quality solutions that increase power availability and system uptime. With our Total Quality Management (TQM) and power service programs, supported by a network of service specialists worldwide, we ensure the highest level of quality and services throughout the complete life cycle of your installations.

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Products and Services Offered

Cross-Connect Technologies provides industry-leading products in the field of Data Center Infrastructure Development: Here is a list of what Cross-Connect Technologies is associated with:
  • Structured Cabling including, Copper, Fibre, Network accessories

  • Server Racks, Network Racks, PDUs

  • Raised Floor for Data Centers, Commercial Buildings

  • Integrated Ceiling System , Server Cages and Accessories

  • Leak Detection System

  • Door Access Control

  • Business Automation System

  • Backup Power, UPS System, UPS Batteries

  • CRAC Units, Cooling optimization

  • Flooring products, Entrance matting for Commercial buildings

  • Containment and Airflow Control products, Cable Grommets


  • Barcode, RFID Scanners


About Cross-Connect Technologies

Cross-Connect Technologies-CCT is experienced Equipment suppliers and integrators in Data Center, Telecom, and commercial buildings.

CCT has branches for operations throughout the Middle East and North Africa with highly efficient logistics of material distribution.


About Offerings

CCT partners with world class product manufacturers in Telecom, IT and other commercial applications.

Experienced and trained Sales and Technical design and project Engineers to support the operation.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling solutions are one of the core activities of CCT and we are committed to delivering high-performance copper and optical fiber cabling solutions for Data Centers, Local Area Networks and converged low voltage applications.

Backup Power Supply

A wide range of UPS solutions available to meet varying topology, specifications. Solutions include stand-alone, UPS in Racks, Modular, scalable with the flexibility of backup Batteries for the whole range of industries such as manufacturing applications, Oil & Gas, Mission critical applications,  Hospital equipment, and TELCOs and data centers.

Cooling optimization, Aisle Containment, Ventilation Tiles

The role of Cooling optimization in a data center is widely recognized as a vital to reducing operating costs. Taking a critical look into excess provisioning due to redundancy consideration is necessary as part of cooling optimization.  There is an innovative and cost effective solution to achieve it.  Roughly 35% of the power is spent for cooling the data center so it becomes worthwhile to look at these opportunities. CCT offers to look at such data centers by conducting a survey and submit the results with solutions.

Principal of Digital Leak Detection System

Digital Sense Cables consist of a sensing cables. An electrical signal is passed through the internal conductors and is monitored by an inbuilt microprocessor inside the cable connector. Fluids upon coming in contact with the sensing cable cause changes in the electrical properties of the cable which will be detected by the microprocessor.

The microprocessor can locate the occurrence of fluid within a 1-metre resolution along its length and provide an appropriate signal to monitoring systems or operators. The sense cables can be laid along the area to be protected, wrapped around pipelines, buried sub-surface with pipelines or installed as a pipe-in-pipe configuration.

CCT cooperates with major International manufacturers in providing Leak Detection System for Data Center applications, Oilfield installations, and various other similar applications.

Barcode and RFID Technologies

CCT employs technology from industry leading Companies in the field of high performing and quality products of RFID and automatic barcode identification devices (mobile intelligent terminal, wired/wireless barcode scanner) and solutions of industrial application software.

Our solutions typically cover the following industries:

  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Retail chains
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Anti-counterfeiting & Tracing
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Utilities & Public Service

Raised Access Flooring

CCT deals with Isaac Grainger UK Access Floor products for applications of Center, Technical Rooms, Telecom applications and Office space applications.  Isaac Grainger Access Floor comprises of all types of Raised Floor systems and is highly customizable as per the project needs.  All the products are tested and certified by Independent UK based testing agency for compliance with MOB PS SPU, EN12825 standards.

Typical Raised Floor components are:

  • Floor panels, creating the flat surface of the raised floor. The floor panels can be readily removed to allow quick access to the under floor services.
  • Pedestals, providing an adjustable vertical support structure for the raised floor. These may be bonded to the subfloor and adjusted to provide a level plane.
  • Panel lock Screws, which will fix the panel with the pedestals, giving stability to the Floor
  • Stringers, which can be used to join the pedestals together creating a framework for floor panels and giving lateral stability, particularly for deep floor void constructions.
  • Floor finish can be Carpet tiles, High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), Vinyl, Rubber etc..
  • Floor boxes cut into floor panels, allowing services to penetrate through the floor and providing connection points for power, data, telecoms and so on.

Raised Flooring from CCT includes all the most commonly used Raised Floor systems, namely:

  • Steel – Cementitious Core Tiles
  • Calcium Sulphate Core (Gypsum) Tiles
  • Steel Encased Woodcore (Chipboard/Particle Board Tiles)
  • Aluminum Tiles for Clean Rooms and highly sensitive applications

Raised Flooring

We can offer our products to meet any of your following Raised Floor finish requirements:

  • Vinyl
  • Anti-static vinyl
  • Static conductive vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • High-pressure laminate
  • Rubber
  • Carpet
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Natural Stone (Marble, Granite)


Aluminum entrance mattings are designed to be one of the most effective floor matting help to minimize and control the entry of pollutants into buildings by capturing dirt and particles at the regularly used entrance.

When the appropriate type and size of aluminum mattings are used in your building facility, the mats will:

  • Scrape dirt and debris off shoes
  • Trap and absorb moisture from rain or melting snow
  • Increase traction and provide a hazard-free no-slip entry way
  • Provide color options to enhance surrounding decoration

Aluminum entrance mattings are widely used at hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, commercial complexes, supermarkets, banks and other high-traffic areas.

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